If I cut down a tree, I know I can use it to create something beautiful, something of value.

If I cut down a forest, what do I get? A desert. Do I need a desert? No. So if I know that to be true, why would I still cut down trees?

In the same way trees are cut down to serve a purpose, so are creative minds stifled by a rigid educational system created to serve society.

When I was a kid, I thought I was a super hero. I had energy, passion, creativity, wanted to fight for good like the knights of old. I wanted to save the world - only I didn’t know what from.

What happened?

Well, as you can see, I grew up and my passion, my creativity was replaced by discipline. The discipline which society ordained I needed to have to be a success. That discipline smothered the inner child within me. Left me chasing material things which society dictated I needed, but which, in reality, I didn’t. I used self discipline to achieve goals rather than passion and I forgot about my creativity.

I ate fast food even though I knew there were starving children out there picking through rubbish heaps in the hope of surviving just one more day. I filled the world with the debris of my greed. I wasted the planet’s natural resources. I am guilty of all that.

One day my inner child woke up, told me, you can do better than that. Can I?

I’m not a superhero, none of us are, but we can all make a difference if we leash our inner passion, our creativity, if we find our inner child. My inner child is still here, still in my heart.Yes, the same one which made me dream I could save the world when I was young. Because, I now know, without passion, discipline is worthless.

No this isn’t my inner child, this is my daughter. But here today she represents all children of the world, the magic of their innocence, their creativity and their passion to save the world.

The constraints of society shouldn’t extinguish their passion to create or to imagine. It should ignite their ideas and inspire them to new levels. That is the aim of Knights Tutor. Knights Tutor wants to break down the walls and take away the constrictions of our educational system to allow imaginative minds to flourish.

Look at these children. They’re having fun together. Playing a game created by my inner child and the inner children of the Knights Tutor team to allow them to use their imagination, to enter into a world of elves, giants and orcs, to begin to believe good still has a chance to overcome bad. But while they are playing, they’re not only beginning to understand bravery can conquer evil, they’re learning Javascript.

The Knights Tutor game, Elven Machine, is more than a game. It’s an introduction to explore their own creativity. It gives them access to something which may give them a brighter future. It’s a way to learn an advanced skill while having fun. To learn without being taught. To learn with only the boundaries of their imagination to restrain them.

Knights Tutor aims to produce more imaginative educational games which will keep the inner child in all kids alive and maybe, with one of those games, they will be empowered to take control of their own lives, their own future and given the opportunity, who knows, it may just be one of those children who really does save the world from the rest of us one day.

With the greatest respect,

The servant of Knights Tutor,

Paulus Mikkola